Craftsman Plumbing Services Adelaide:Adelaide Plumbing Services dripping tap

  • leaking taps
  • blocked drains
  • hot water service replacement and repair
  • roof repairs
  • bathroom renovations
  • replacement of leaking tile shower bases
  • pressure testing of water pipes
  • tiling repairs
  • gas fitting
  • leak testing
  • appliance installation
  • I specialise in repairing leaking roofs
  • replacing box gutters
  • and locating those often hard to find roof leaks.

Another area of concern can be dampness coming from the shower cubical. This can lead to ongoing salt damp, white ants and damage to floor timbers if left unattended.
This can be often be as simple as renewing the silicone expansion joints around the base of the shower.

Hot water and Gas appliance installations
These should only be carried out by a licenced and experienced tradesman to avoid problems such as under sized gas services, poor hot water service locations and inadequate ventilation.
I can offer advice on the correct hot water and heating appliance for your situation.

Storm Water solutions
What can seem to be quite straight forward is often more complex with pooling water around
your home often leading to salt damp, termites and cracking. There can be often be a variety
of solutions that are often inexpensive and can save your home from costly damage.

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